The loss of Bookmarks !

a story bookmarks   I collect bookmarks. Yep, silly, huh. Very simple little clutter things. But, they are cute, easy to make, very creative, and easy to buy if you find just the right one. People put pictures, advertised, see special quotes, mentioned reading, coins, whatever their hearts desired and made these mementos special.

So why am I so sad? There are a lot of bookmarks with no where to use them. In today’s society, people have gotten away from reading out of a book and into reading electronic books, e-readers, or computers. You can “bookmark” your spot, but it isn’t the same.

money hologram bookmark438_Banners_Assmbl       joker bookmark lizard bookmark     As you can see, very creative ideas can be found, besides a typical old-fashioned bookmark. Lets bring back bookmarks in use AGAIN!!!!


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