Happy Hauntings…I visited Salem, MA this month…..

Salem – Oct 13th


We came by cruise ship to Boston and having been to Boston before as we lived on the East Coast years prior, I wanted to go to Salem as Haunted Happenings is the place to be…Salem states they have 5 seasons with October having Halloween as its 5th season. They have activities all day/ night every day of the month. We each chose 1 main item besides going to see the 1p performance, Cry innocent- where The People versus Bridget Bishop in 1692 to see if guilty of practicing witchcraft.  It is set in Puritan times and a great performance- I bought up some more books for that time frames to go along with the trials (tryals) of my ancestors that were convicted and I have copies of transcripts.  My husband wanted to see the Pirate Museum, the little boy in him playing Captain Hook I think. Recreated a dock-side village with a pirate ship and see artifacts with pirates and see where Salem’s only ship may have treasure hidden and learn about the pirate’s lore in the “Blue Anchor Tavern.” Captain Kidd & Blackbeard were favorites in this area.

We booked the “Salem Witch Walk” for 3p as I wanted to be part of the magick for the spells being given that day and we all were given enchanted crystals and were blessed in our own circle.   The guide was very good with this tour of showing the main tourist sites with the focus on witches and going to the ‘old burying grounds’. He then performed another blessing, in which we all participated, which surprised many as someone stated they didn’t think witches can go into a cemetery. He told them he was a full-fledged witch and why he did it to show witches can cross into a cemetery. The main site seeing I got goose bumps over (have to remember it was daytime) was the ‘Witch Trials Memorial” next to the Old Burying Point Cemetery. This memorial has made a bench for every person that was wrongly accused and hung or died for the witch trials of 1692.

It is set up in a horseshoe shape and is actually beautiful, serene and all around, you can see the words of the victims crying out how they were innocent. One male was crushed by stones laid on his chest—why, they wanted his LAND- not because he was a witch!

Towards the end of the tour, ran across the statue of TV’s Bewitched.  This was sooo significant in Salem as this was the start of commercial witches. They did not have any witches, witch shop, nothing for tourism until Bewitched was on TV and hit Salem. The true witches came out of hiding to protect their ‘type of living with spells’ and to show that witches can be good and have white or dark magick. The tour ended up in the Dark Magick shop where you can leave messages for the dead- interesting as many were left for Robin Williams.

Overall a good time but wished I had more as the nighttime had some tours for the cemetery are


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