Apology to my readers; authors….

I love to read, read, & read. However, I can’t foresee technology and problems that happen and therefore I owe an apology as I have been late on reviews. Before I had a vacation in October, my computer totally crashed and I lost my complete write-up of books that I was reading and dates due. My son was hoping to fix it but alas no luck. I have been putting it back together slowly on an excel sheet and I promise to get these reviews out. I have read most of them- it is the writing of the review which is needed.

My other issue is my health. I have been laid up in bed the last 3 days and didn’t touch any books or computer. No schoolwork was done, nada… I have chronic pain but when I get migraines- it lays me out and I apologize as I can’t control when that will occur and have to deal with them as it happens. For anything that was due, I am sorry but I am trying to work quickly and get everything back up.

Please bear with me as I consider it an honor to be able to review your book as it is a privilege to read and I am grateful that you have given me an opportunity to read your work. If you have questions, feel free to write but as stated, I am trying to get these write-ups done quickly.

Thank you,




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