Crypt Keeper (Molly Maddison series # 1) by K.A. Young

Imagine as a child to have a graveyard as your playground; then imagine that the funeral home that provides the bodies for that ‘playground’ was actually your home. There starts the beginning of a new series with Molly Maddison as the main character. She played with the dead, talked to the dead, saw the dead BUT no one believed her….Now she is an adult and her father has died and she needs to face reality. She tried to get away and live like a normal life but life doesn’t go the way you want– she had to return to the family home and now has to take over as the family Crypt Keeper, as it is her job to hold the line between worlds.
She is learning the way with her best friend Jewels, who just happens to be dead but a lot of fun; Damon, who is her protector and professor; and her great-aunt Mags. However, do we need to say she is also in love with a dead being named Levi that she has known since she was abt 10 yrs old and has sex with also. He will reveal his true self to her when she is ready.
This story of the supernatural, suspense, paranormal, romantic and insane concept is fun to read and I look forward to # 2, as I already pre-ordered.

Special thanks to author, K.A. Young for providing me with a copy of her novel.
This review is my honest opinion. I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book.


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