Reluctant Intern shows different aspects of medical training!!!

4.0 out of 5 stars

Reluctant Intern

Reluctant Intern by Bill Yancey
The author sent me a digital version in exchange for two reviews on Goodreads + AMAZON. THE story is about the life of an intern who passed medical school (instead of his dream to be an astronaut) and is now entering internship training prior getting a license. IT weeds out the bad as the interns now play with the actual patient. THE MAIN character is Addison Wolfe, who lives with Iggy and Jennifer.
We get to follow him through the different rotations, hear the medical jargon, and learn about how medicine works in the hospital and in Crisis situations. In the background are subplots for romance and a subterfuge plot to overthrow the current medical supervisor who seems to hate the interns by giving them poor reviews. Addison (Addy) finally decides what he wants in life, as this year does help decide the future. I thought the book was good but I could be biased as I like medical stories and is reflected as I am a nurse. There is some thrills, action and adventure that will keep you involved in the book. The book gave a good job in helping solve the questions that arisen. I would recommend this book just for the fun of reading it.

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