Flying into the Night by Freya Velander

A woman airline pilot finds herself drawn into a world of intrigue filled with sexy heroic men – who have, and keep, secrets; and who are very good at much more than flying jets. New to the jet-set, major-airline scene, she encounters a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams, exciting and seductive, countered with bouts of terror.

Flying into the Night
A novel of Gripping Adventure and High-Flying Passionate Romance, Fast cars, hunky men and big jets – what more could a girl possibly want? To live to tell the tale.
• Title: Flying into the Night
• Author: Freya Velander
• Category: Romance
• ISBN: 978-1-4834-0857-6 (sc)
• 978-1-4834-0859-0 (hc)
• 978-1-4834-0858-3 (e)
• Format: Paperback, Hardcover, Ebook;   • Publication Date: 03/04/2014    • Publisher: Lulu
• Pages: 200 approx
• Price: Kindle – $3.19; • Paperback – $14.99; • Hardcover – $31.70
• Available from:, Apple, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble NOOK, KOBO

About the author: Freya Velander, of
Norse descent, grew up on the beaches of
Southern California. A feminine tomboy, she
rode dirt bikes before she was old enough to
drive a car. Racing cars became her next
passion and then flying planes. She’s been a
corporate captain, a regional captain and an
international jumbo-jet flight officer for a major airline.
Rave Reviews –

“Flying into the Night” is a fast paced and gripping adventure
story that blends the “insider” realism of the commercial airline
pilot with the risk and danger of covert operations…. It’s a
compelling read. – Mary Rosenblum, award winning author.

Live your fantasy about the romantic world of jet pilots and
exotic locations. The beautiful and experienced Eldora causes
the men to reassess what they believe about women in a maledominated
world. Intrigue, betrayal and love–Flying into the
Night has it all. – Abbey,


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