Free Bread Girl by Shari Bird – Tour is from Nov 28 – Dec 11, 2014

Mattie’s smart and she’s in line for a college scholarship, but she’s not exactly the most popular person in school. When the hot and hunky guys at the women’s convention bread booth give out free samples to all the cutest, trendiest girls in the room, they overlook her. It’s just proof that she’s not worth their attention—she’s not a free bread girl.

What she really wants is to date Travis Banks, her high school’s soccer king. But he just can’t see past her clumsiness and frizzy hair to the real Mattie underneath, and sometimes, she can’t either. What’s it going to take for Mattie to find the free bread girl within?

Silverbow Promotions


MY REVIEW: (4.5/5 stars) This story deals with young adults and the trials we all faced as teenagers and the trials of romance and also about becoming adults. Mattie is also applying for college and her dreams to be a doctor to discover a cure for ALS – she wants/ NEEDS scholarships in order to pay for college and feels she can’t go unless she maintains a straight A average- so the pressure is on in high school. She also has self esteem issues with feeling she isn’t very pretty as her best friend is beautiful to her and when they go out– to her it is proven when the bread guys give out free bread to all of the pretty girls and Mattie was excluded. She wasn’t a free bread girl! It rubs her the wrong way and she talks about this to her best friend, Jordan (who likes her). Mattie likes a guy named Travis. In the end, Mattie realizes her dreams and gets the guy and does become the Free Bread Girl.
This story is about self-esteem and about reaching your goals. A good story overall.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review (Konstanz Silverbow/ Shari Bird).


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