Harvest Moon (Behind the Stars Book 3)

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File Size: 3976 KB

Print Length: 53 pages

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Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Language: English

Publication Date: November 23, 2014   SIN: B00OYZ3LAS

 Book Description:

Red Dawn meets LOST in this new action-adventure/paranormal romance.  Injury changes all   of Prentiss’s plans, from her escape to using Gallatin for information.
The level of difficulty increases along with their friendship, and lines between right and wrong become blurry.

Book #3 in a new serial by Amazon bestselling author Leigh Talbert Moore.

Episode Release Schedule: (all available for pre-order)
OUT NOW!! – Captive (FREE episode!)
OUT NOW!! – Learning to Spy
OUT NOW!! – Harvest Moon
Dec. 7 – Jackson
Dec. 21 – Into the Woods
Dec. 28 – If I Fly
Dec. 31 – BEHIND THE STARS Complete Set

My Review: (4 stars/5)

Episode 3 begins on chapter ten and leaves you with an inexplicable desire to read more by the time you reach

the conclusion of chapter fifteen. Prentiss wakes up confused at first as she is undressed and not in her sleep tent.  She sees Gallatin watching her and finally remembers she got hurt helping to birth the calf. She tries to get up and can’t. Gallatin helps her and gets her a change of clothes and pain pills (Motrin). She is reluctant at first, thinking they are poison but she is in pain and she takes it. Gallatin is being very sweet and understanding and they shared a moment with the calf. She realizes she actually liked the time spent with him. He tells her to take the day off and just heal but she knows she still needs to stay on tract to escape and find Jackson. As she tries to move, she finds she is hurting too much and it has to wait until she heals.

In the meantime, she needs to reassure everyone else that she is okay. However, she is keeping a secret. She is getting friendly with Gallatin. Gallatin offered to sneak off with her to show her a creek and basically have fun! They go behind the officers quarters, cut into a break of the fencing, over a hill and a beautiful creek appears and lo and behold, they go swimming. They enjoy like they are teenagers and Prentiss learns more about Gallatin. She likes him as a person- she forgets about Jackson during this time. Could she have dated another person if time went by and this didn’t happen? Could Gallatin have a chance with Prentiss as a normal person? He implies that the situation is going to be over shortly and no one is supposed to get hurt and go back to normal. Time will tell. I look forward to reading the next installment…..


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