The Enchanted Rib by George Roberts

The Enchanted Rib by George Roberts is a mythical love story that proves love can conquer all.

A collector of antiques, James’s work in the wine trade enables him to travel extensively to vineyards and source
antiquities. All he has of his past is a jewelled medallion, of which he knows nothing only feelings he has when he
wears it.
Lavinia sleeps on in an enchanted world, holding her precious secret near. Her heart holds his life until that fateful
day they meet again. As one of the two saviours of the Great City, she remembers everything and has been searching
for James for a long time. After one thousand years, and countless searches, Lavinia materialises again. Witnessing
James as a child, her intuition and feelings tell her it was he who had fallen at the Great City.
For our two heroes, love conquers all but it comes at a heavy price…

The tale of a mythical world, The Enchanted Rib is a story of powerful struggles and sorcerers betrayals. Filled with
enchantments, love and inevitable tragedy, the story spans one thousand years to reach an incredible climax.

Inspiration? A night of dreams after a social evening and the story developed from there, explains author George about the motivation for his book, The Enchanted Rib.

George has been inspired by authors such as Nancy Mitford and Rupert Brooke to write his own romance novel with a mythical twist. His other romance novel, Days of You, is also being published as an ebook. George Roberts has spent many years travelling extensively, co-coordinating countless meetings and scheduling contracts for various international companies, whether on the edges of the old USSR, through check point Charlie, or in other interesting countries and islands. George has written several books and plans to publish his book, Rome and Intrigue shortly.
PUBLICATION DATE 16th October 2014           A review copy of this book will be available to request from
eISBN: 9781784628000 Price: £2.99

for all other media enquiries, please contact Alice Graham
Tel: 0116 279 2299 Email:
Troubador Publishing, 9 priory business park, wistow road, kibworth, leicester le8 0rx


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