Do-it-yourself Family History, Part 3: Free Resources

Families Across Time


Back in the mid 1990s I had my first exposure to the Internet. I connected using a 14.4 kbs (kilobits) dial-up modem to the Buffalo, New York Public Library. I used Lynx, a text-based browser, and was dazzled. For the first time, I could find useless information from inside my house. It was a wonderful thing.

We’ve obviously come a long way since and the Internet now gives us unprecedented access to pretty much everything. For a family historian, it’s a great tool for finding ancestors without having to fly to France or Germany or Guam. What we save in airline tickets, however, is often applied to sites like For the beginner or casual user, may be a bit too pricy. Fortunately there are sources that are free and provide similar data. I’d like to talk about a few of these because I use them all the time.

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