Rachel Medhurst – has new book out!!!

avoidables1right (100x150).jpghe didn't know how to love. (2) (630x1000) (95x150).jpgshe would surrender to his love (3) (666x1000) (100x150).jpgpisces cover 150.jpgRachel Medhurst

3 MAIN Series

1) AVOIDABLES set of 6 books series – Hi, my name is Hope and I’d like to introduce you to our world. Earth is full of two races, the Avoidables and Perfects. I’m an Avoidable because I only have one arm. I was born that way apparently. Because of my defect, my mother had to move to the Lower Side. The Perfects are humans that have no physical flaws. They live in luxury, while we live in filth.
Avoidables have defects ranging from looks to unexplained gifts. Some of us are half breeds. Dragons and animals were known to have bred with the human race thousands of years ago. We all live in cities, usually divided in two. The Perfects live on the Upper Side, while the Avoidables inhabit the Lower Side. We’ve been consumed by hate for a race that rejects us so heartlessly. We’ve become dangerous.

2) The Deadliners –  set of 3 books series – You don’t stop living when you die.  Have you ever wondered what happens when you die?  They’re called Deadliners, they’re spirits and they play fate with human lives.  These ‘deadline assignments’ have karma which must be cleared by the time they die. What the deadliners don’t know is that by helping others they are also clearing karma of their own.   They’re a strong family unit who would do anything for one another – until one of them has to take Danny’s wife over to the other side. Will they be able to go through with it? The group  finds themselves in unfamiliar territory as each one of them faces their toughest lesson since they’ve died: letting go.

3) The Zodiac Twin Flame series is a twelve book young adult paranormal romance series.

        a) PISCES – BOOK 1 : The bracelet around my wrist was a permanent reminder of my mission. The silver charm that was attached to the leather cord was stamped with my birth sign. Mission: Unite with my twin flame soulmate in this lifetime.
My brothers, sisters, and I were each named after the star sign we were born under. We knew that our soul purpose was to fall madly in love and battle through the obstacles that led to that true love. Antony crept up on me and caught me unaware. He was nothing like I’d imagined my twin flame soulmate to be. When he started to run, I found that I had to give chase. I had to complete my mission.

     b) ARIES – BOOK 2 – I had one goal in life: To defeat the Dysfunctionals. My mission to unite with my twin flame soulmate wasn’t as important as killing the group of men that were trying to stop my siblings, and I, from doing our job. The explosion changed my life forever. What good was being able to throw fire, if I wasn’t fit enough to use it? With father missing, and the others still trying to find him, I sank into despair. Life was no longer worth living.
My only salvation was Natalie, my ex-girlfriend. She knew that I had a mission, and was determined to get me back on my feet, so that I could defeat the Dysfunctionals, and unite with my twin flame.





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