Lisa & Robert Foster

married 1/3/1998

Jan 2013, Hawaii cruise- casual night for Robert & LisaRobert & Lisa Jan 3,2013 (15 yr anniversary) - Platinum PhotoBookwormmoney hologram bookmarkreading-is-everythingour time togetherTristan & Adrianna school pics Oct 2013m_c747661576d25211286ace2536760afa


My Grandchildren are:  ANTHONY                                                                           ADRIANNA                   TRISTAN                    LOGAN



Aug 2012             1958 – 5 generation (I am the baby)5 gen in 1958 -Lisa's

Things that I like: family, reading, cross stitch, education, family history, forensic genealogy, US numismatist (coin collecting), nursing, book reviewing, cruising, hot tubbing – not necessarily in this order 🙂


Some of my favorite quotes:

* Neal A. Maxwell. ~ “Love is never wasted. I may not be fully appreciated, it may not be reciprocated, but it is never wasted.”

* Abraham Lincoln stated, “My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read…”

* Henry David Thoreau stated, “Our life is frittered way by detail. Simplicity, Simplicity….Simplify, Simplify”

* I am human. I have my issues, my insecurities, my faults….I already know! Little do people know….I also have a soul, I have a  heart, I have feelings.

When they hurt, a part of me breaks.  By Donalyn

* Family is Forever!

* “Some family trees have beautiful leaves, and some have just a bunch of nuts. Remember, it is the nuts that make the tree  worth shaking.” —Author Unknown


I am a firm believer in learning throughout your lifetime. I have encouraged my kids to go to college or just to take a class for the fun of it. I became a nurse at age 26, at age 52 I became full-time disabled as a nurse. However, during that time frame, I also had gotten many ceritifcates such as biller, auditor, forensics, childbirth educator, etc. Since I have also done genealogy/family history over 45 years- I have put all of my life experiences together and still went back to school and getting more certificates in genealogy for forensics & records in American & England. Eventually, I hope I can help others do their research or do it for them. I am specializing in forensics (for the living) while family history (past ancestors) is great also. I love to do medical research with my background – doing genograms by working with families and using their genetics / DNA info. Criminal law also uses forensic genealogists to help find relatives and I think it is great to have people able to help others for this main reason. Out of nursing and jumping into a new field and still doing service for others!!!
You can never stop learning as I believe you can always learn from others and from books – I love books!!!!!




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